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Our services

Aurum Trust & Finance has the ability to implement a comprehensive and coordinated life management plan considering current and future needs of clients, protecting family wealth, spreading investment risk and managing the personal affairs of every family members We help our clients to establish a family governance by establishing proper processes to manage their assets and to integrate the next generation in their wealth and business. We can guide them on the complexities that accompany a successful family enterprises.

We support investors and entrepreneurs to make the right decisions for a sustainable success of their business.


Wealth Management

Aurum Trust & Finance is a leading provider of multi-asset class investment solutions tailored to the specific needs and objectives of our clients, we support a client long-term vision through insights, portfolio management and services focused on their balance sheet and legacy.

Our services include:

Discretionary portfolio management, we implement and manage a multi-asset allocation strategies including tactical investment decisions and the specific application of risk management strategies and processes. We invest our client portfolios across a broad range of asset classes, including equities, fixed income, alternatives and multi-asset class solutions, to customize client solutions that meet their unique investment target.

Possibility to invest side-by-side in club deals.

Direct and co-investment opportunities sourced from proprietary. and third-party sources.

Wealth consolidation dedicated reporting.

Tax and Estate planning

Aurum Trust and Finance, to suit every client needs, draws on a network of specialised tax firms in all major jurisdictions, which are able to advise on areas including:

Tax compliance

International tax advisory

Tax consolidation and optimisation

Intellectual property

Corporate structuring and finance support

The objective of Aurum Trust & Finance is to design solutions, fitting the specific needs of the companies belonging to our clients and to adapt to any changes in their personal, fiscal and professional environment. We offer to entrepreneurs structured taylor made solutions including companies, partnerships, trusts, foundations.

We advise on a several range of difference strategic option as:

Structuring the holding

Mergers and demergers

Group refinancing and reorganisations

Structuring Real Estate investments

Transfer of location operations

Private Investment Funds

Trust and Fiduciary Services

Trust is a common law institution whereby someone who owns property, shares/real estate, money, yacht, cars indeed any kind of asset, makes a donation to the benefit or future benefit of individual persons or a circle of persons, usually family members born and unborn, or a charitable organisation and these assets are managed for the benefit, of these persons or the organisation by a trustee.

We can offer, in collaboration with our network of partners, trust and fiduciary services that will help to optimize the consolidation of a corporate structure. We can ring fence corporate activities to one main jurisdiction and thereby avoid by segregation negative impact on other activities in a different jurisdiction.

Although a proper trust structure requires a clear transformation of wealth from an individual to the trust, we can provide corporate governance structures that allow a continuous administration of the corporate functions without interruption. We can guarantee a sustainable execution of the management tasks for and with our clients.

We also enable a smooth transition process in case or in preparation of a succession.

Aircrafts and Yachts financing and management

Our services cover acquisition, life and selling of yachts, superyachts and executive jets, it’s designed to making lives of our clients easier, to real enjoy their yacht or aircraft and include:

Financial and tax planning

Registration and importation

Refinancing yachts, airplanes and reviewing existing agreements

Insurance management of assets

Financial reporting

Administration and Accounting

Crewing and HR services, including payroll

Charitable giving

We support our clients to transferring a part of their wealth to some charitable organization that can survive and brings strong benefit to our society only thanks to private philanthropy.

Resources to enhance philanthropic impact include:

Insights, thought leadership and strategic partnerships to help optimize the impact of a client giving

Guidance on mission statements, grantmaking policy, and private-public partnership formation

Concierge Services

We provide a wide range of concierge and lifestyle services, anything from basic payments of bills to private aircraft management. We buy and sell real estate for our clients. Delivering these specialized services requires a team that values hard work, dedicated enthusiasm, trust and confidentiality.

We and our network of international partners will find solutions to the day to day problems our clients may encounter in their personal and professional life. We help them to save their executive time and free their mind. No request is too large or too small for us. It is our aim to make sure that everything is executed properly and meets our clients highest expectations.

Taking charge of property purchase or sale mandates

Maintaining your home and ensuring it is secure

Help with buying or maintaining classic cars

Private Jets and airfare


Organization of private events

Selecting schools for children

Vacation & Luxury Villa Rentals

Sporting Events